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Recognition of our degrees by the government of Benin

The struggle for the consolidation of the private sector in higher education initiated by the Minister Francois Abiola has already borne fruit.

Through an inspection of the 111 private institutions of higher education approved by the State, only 24 of which African University Technology and Management UATM GASA Formation are credible and diplomas they issue will now be co-signed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

This is can be noted through a session organized by the structure of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the promoters of private institutions of higher education.

Thus, only the degrees of these 24 institutions will be jointly signed by the Ministry of Higher Education and in turn be recognized by the Government of Benin.

All in all, the conclusion is obvious that schools were created to defraud students and parents. This is why we must salute the work safety initiated by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Francis Abiola should not stop in so good way. It is necessary that appropriate sanctions be taken against schools that are not in good standing. So, the parents must understand that it is not excessive advertising which schools.